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Boost and Increase your Internet Speed using TCP/IP Optimization


If you want to increase your internet speed then this article is sure helps you.Speed is usually the feature that many of us value most for Internet connectivity. It’s not only the connection speed that your provider brings to your modem but also the TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) settings on your workstation.

 Settings for Optimizing TCP/IP

This tweak is going to require a piece of freeware called SG TCP Optimizer. This little utility will optimize the manner in which your PC sends and receives data packets, which will as a result speed up your connection.

Step 1:
Download SG TCP Optimizer Here. You don’t need to install it, just double-click and it will run. Once you run it, you should be looking at this :
SG TCP Optimizer
Basically there are two tuning options for you, you can either let the program to decide optimized registry settings for you by providing some info (optimal settings), or do customized tuning (custom settings) if you are adventurous enough. I’m a bit lazy now, so I will show you simple way of optimizing.
Step 2:
Before doing any tweaking Please test your Internet speed by using SG Speed Test. If you want to do the speed test, please stop all applications that eat the network bandwidth, such as P2P application, online gaming, video streaming, etc. Here is the Internet speed test result, you can see the download speed is 359 Kbps and upload speed is 137 Kbps.
Step 3:
OK… Let’s start to use this TCP optimizer to improve Internet speed. Under the “General Settings” tab drag the slider to match your connection’s download speed (Kbps), which is your Maximum Download Speed. If you do not know what it is, contact your ISP and ask them. Make sure the value you get is in Kbps. In my case maximum Internet speed is 512 Kbps (512 Kbps download, 128 Kbps upload).tune-itStep 4:
Then, at the bottom of the same window, select the “Optimal Settings” radio button and click “Apply Changes”.
Step 5:
You will now be looking at a window like the one below. Make sure that the “Backup” tick box is ticked and then click OK.registry
Step 6:
Before applying the changes, you can always go to File  and select backup current settings, so that you can have options to restore backup settings or Restore Windows Default settings later.backupStep 7:
All that’s left is to reboot your system, in order to apply the changes. You will be prompted to do so.
Step 8:
Once your system has rebooted, let’s do the similar Internet speed test again. In this case, there is improvement on download Internet speed (359Kbps -> 489Kbps) but not much change when doing uploading (137Kbps -> 138Kbps).
Step 9:
If for whatever reason you feel your connection has been affected negatively, for the changes you made can be undone. Start SG TCP Optimizer, click File and choose Restore backed up settings & Select your backup file then click OK and reboot. Your original settings are now restored.
Why SG TCP Optimizer?
There are commercial programs that will do much the same thing but TCP Optimizer does it just as well and is totally free. The only minus is the lack of in-program help, however, you’ll find a useful FAQ at the Speed Guide website.

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