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cars with good style

Need for speed is the best racing game from last years and till now, The need for speed underground 2 is the eight installment in the series of need for speed , last time we discussed and posted about need for speed 2 but that was the second installment and now this is meed for speed underground 2 the best game in the series of need fo speed, The game is developed and published by the same company name ” Electronic arts “
The previous version ” nfs 7 underground ” is the 7th installment and this game is the direct sequel to nfs underground 1 , This is the second game in the series of the need for speed and developed by EA blackbox.


The game is based on tunning cars and races, It resumes the need for speed underground 1 story line but this gameprovides alot of new features , The new car, The new driving style and the new racing mode, We can play like a freestyle racer and drive on the city freely without any race or any other challenge, we can customize our car through garage, install new parts in our car and make other things.
As in the previous version of underground features some racing styles but in this game 4 new features has been provided, A circuit race is a race for beginners, it have maximum four laps and minimum 2 laps, The circuit mode have 4 cars/players to race mean they are your opponenet, Now let’s talk about drifting , Drifting is the most easiest race of the game need for speed underground 2, The players are awarded when they complete the race with sliding cars and without hitting the walls , In this mode maximum 3 competetors/cars are allowed to participate in the race, there are some other special drifiting races by which our player has to start race from the top of hills and end it into the bottom, Nitrous is not allowed in this game type !There is also a game mode called ” Sprint “, in this game mood we don’t have any other opponents and we have to move our car in fastest speed and complete the race, The game is played in normal city however the traffic of the city is normal but we have to avoid accident,
Drag race is the race which allows player to use manual transmission and to move car from one point to another easily.


green car during gameplay


awesome wallpaper

stylish car
gameplay picture

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